How to Become a Plus Size Model: A Course For The Aspiring Plus Size Model (July Class)

Hayley Herms
5 min readJun 18, 2018


Hello Gorgeous Creatures!

After almost 10 years of working hard in the plus size modeling industry and being one of the ONLY size 20 plus size models in the world, I finally decided to share everything I know and more, on how YOU can become a successful Plus Size Model!! Created by a Plus Size Model for the aspiring Plus Size Model.

I have worked with Forever21 Plus, Torrid, StitchFix, Xehar, Tunnel Vision and SLINK Jeans.

Besides sharing with you what I have already learned from time and being signed to multiple agencies across the country, I can share with you all the things Agencies, photographers, and your favorite brands are looking for to hire YOU!

Sharing Knowledge

Over the past ten years, the plus size modeling industry has changed immensely and is growing rapidly every day into an over 20 Billion dollar business — and I’ve witnessed it all! From the days before the internet to the now social media driven industry — how can you keep up? Where do you start? Who do you trust? AND GOOGLE CAN’T TELL YOU THE ANSWERS!

BAM ! ! ! The ultimate course for aspiring plus size models was born!

I created this course because I get the question daily from so many people — HOW DO I BECOME A PLUS SIZE MODEL???? From women AND men all over the world. This course is to let everyone know the truth about becoming a plus size model and what it takes to really shine and BOOK.THAT.SHOOT, baby!

My very first class starts Monday, July 16.

The course will run for an entire week, and take place in closed private group on Facebook with up to 15 other people.

How does it work?

This course takes place on Facebook, and you’ll be in a class of approximately 15 other people. You’ll have access to the videos via facebook for as long as facebook is around! Wahoo

I’ll hold 5 coaching calls at 7pm PST or as I call it, “California time” lol. These calls will be HIGHLY interactive and tailored to your specific needs. I encourage you to ask questions and share your experiences!

If you can’t make it every evening, don’t worry!!! The courses will be up for you to watch later and you can ask questions during the duration of the course if you’ve missed something! #EverybodyWins

Who is this course for!?

This course is for people who regularly ask themselves….

  • How do I become a plus size model!?!?
  • How do I find and sign to an agency?
  • How do I work as a freelance plus size model?

or maybe you’ve already started plus size modeling, but you need to kick it up a notch!

  • Why am I not getting booked?
  • How do I get paid more!?
  • How do I make my portfolio stand out?

This is course is perfect for people who want to break into the plus size industry and learn how to make $$$ doing it!

Course Schedule

  • Monday, July 16th: Intro to Modeling & Manifesting (90 minutes) Find out what part of the plus size industry you want to be in, the pro’s and cons of modeling, and how to believe in yourself and manifest greatness.
  • Tuesday, July 17th: Planning your portfolio & organizing a photoshoot (60 minutes) Get that perfect portfolio that will get you BOOKED! Learn what it takes to put together a photoshoot with the right attitude, budget, and mindset.
  • Wednesday, July 18th: Pose Coaching & Face Posing (60 minutes) Find out what your strengths and weakness are to make them look fierce on camera. The DO’s and DON’TS you want to know.
  • Thursday, July 19th: Agency Auditions (60 minutes) Learn when it’s time to take it to the next level! How to show up and show out on ANY meeting, audition or photoshoot!
  • Friday, July 20th: Find Work $$$ & Benefits (90 minutes) Not only do you learn how to work with brands…. learn how to find work freelance OR with an agency! Learn how to set your rates and how you can SAVE and MAKE big $$$ off of modeling and your daily life.

Additional 1:1 Coaching

Because the class will take place in a Facebook Group, you are welcome to post additional questions in the group. That way, everyone can learn!

If you’d like to ask questions 1:1, course participants can book a coaching session for $89 USD (price only valid for people who take this class for the rest of 2018).

Let’s Go! Sign me up!!

Ready to get started? Class fee is only $149 per person. FYI, this price is only valid for the first run of the course — future classes will have a higher price.

* Worried about affording the fee? I encourage you to crowdsource. Ask your family, friends, and community on social to help you and pitch in $5 or $10. Your community wants you to succeed!! They want you to model!! Asking for $ to do so is an act of faith that will be met with support!

Note: If you are under 18, please email me before enrolling to make sure this course is a fit for you.


Enroll by paying via this PayPal link I also offer $15 off for every person you refer to the class, paid via PayPal when they sign up. Be sure to have your referral note on PayPal that they have enrolled on your recommendation.

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